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Plan N Eng Pty Ltd is specialised in many HVAC configurations such as single and Multi Heat Recovery Split Air Conditioning Systems, Ducted air and Water Cooled Systems.

  1. Project Management

Our team has over 20 years of experience in the mechanical and building services industry and can manage any project from initiation until completion while considering deadlines and finance. Collaboration and communication between management and client is essential for any on-going project, therefore progress reports will be provided along the course of the project and exclusively after site inspections.

Estimation and Tendering

    We can provide detailed estimation of project cost and time from execution until completion. Our qualified staff can provide alternative solutions and and add value engineering to any tender for finest cost optimisation.

  1. Design and Drafting

We provide HVAC drafting which includes detailed 2D and 3D-modelling services for commercial and residential buildings according to the required heating/cooling loads, building structure and Australian standards.

    We create solutions through computational simulations to produce air flows that meets the needed requirement.

    Our team has been in the industry for over 20 years, giving them exceptional skills to provide detailed and precise design reviews.

  1. Installation, Commissioning and Refurbishment

Plan N Eng Pty Ltd hires expert trades personnel to install and commission the HVAC systems while under the supervision of our management team. In addition, our team can provide solutions for damaged or ineffective HVAC systems while avoiding replacement cost of the entire system or sub-system.

Service and Maintenance

Plan N Eng Pty Ltd provides a preventive and corrective maintenance program for any HVAC system. This includes in-house support for chillers and cooling towers and heating hot water systems. In addition, our team is qualified to conduct maintenance on ducting systems, environmental monitoring and building management systems.